'So, you've got a plan.'

Parasite crossed the 1-inch subtitle barrier and won 4 Oscars including the best picture. If you have watched the movie and that made you come to Seoul, you have to take this very opportune tour to be part of the history and learn the stories that YouTubers or your local press doesn't (can't) tell you. The tour will be guided with a cinephile who is a big fan of Bong and has watched all his movies.

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Parasite Facts

No One Tells you

Tour Departs : 10:30 am Exit 6, Chungjeongno Station (Line 2 & 5)

How Long : 2 Hours 

Tour Size : 6 guests maximum (Minimum : 2 guests)

Language : English

Price : 59,000 won (59 USD)

*5,000 won cash back at the tour for Overseas Koreans, US Forces Korea and their family, Flight attendants and pilots, and Students, so book now if you are one of the above.

*5,000 won cash back at the tour if you book other tours. 

Inclusion : Amazing guide, pizza, local guidebook, foodie's restaurants list and 'very opportune gift' from Parasite!

You will visit these iconic filming locations on your tour :

 • The Supermarket where Ki-woo was suggested to take the part-time tutor position from his friend 

 • Stairs in Ki-taek's village which appear in the scene where Ki-jeong buys peaches and carries them to the Park's house

 • Pizza Generation where the actual owner taught the cast how to fold the pizza boxes. We will eat pizza there for lunch.

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Kiwoo and friend drink soju in front of the supermarket.


Jessica buys a peach from the supermarket.


Mrs. Kim, owner of the Supermarket at the door.


Chapaguri a.k.a. Ram-don in the movie, which is a recipe of two different instant noodles.


Pizza store the Kim family used to work and eat pizza.


The actual pizza box that the Kim family fold 


Director Bong's signature

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