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Super Bike Tour is a bike tour brand of Super Tour Korea (180-10-00421 / #2016-000088)

2020 by Super Tour Korea

So who is Wano?

My little brother and me at his 1 year old birth day

Me at the Kendo gym. I trained Kendo for a couple of years when I was a elementary school student.

My family to see the sunrise when I was in middle school. People sometimes asked me if I was a military as I looked older...

Me and friends at Taipei for the Model United Nations when I was in Uni

When I was wild and didn't afraid of the world...

I served military for 2 years when I was 21 to 23. I was a ranger which trains other soldiers. Do I like the time? Well, if you can't avoid it, you have to like it.

I went to Canada and US to learn English and work as a volunteer in the national parks for conservation works. This was the time where I improved my English and made many good friends from all over the world.

I also went to Haiti after the earthquake to help my father's business to build a power plant which was one of the ODA projects of Korean government. I worked as a junior project manager and translator.

In Lima, Peru for Naval ships exhibition

In Mangalia shipyard, Romania

In Western Australia AMC, Australia

In Bergen, Norway

At Okpo shipyard, Korea

I started my first career at Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering as a business development specialist. Korean shipbuilding industry is the world best and my company has the second largest shipyard in the world. I went to country to country to promote Korean-made naval ships.

Marrying my wife is one of the best decision I've ever made in my life.

It is impossible to talk about Korean food without kimchi. This is how my family make 400 cabbages of kimchi, which is our family tradition I am proud of.

Mt. Baekdu is the tallest mountain in the Korean peninsula and also considered as the national sacred mountain. Unfortunately it is in North Korea so South Korean can't visit there. The only way is to visit there is to go through Chinese trail since the mountain lies on the both countries. My family went up there a few years ago and it was the closest distance I've ever got to North Korea. Hopefully I could go there again with my son along the North Korean trail.

Me and my son, Woojin, at Mt. Halla, Jeju.


So instead of going to Mt. Baekdu in North Korea, I brought my son to Mt. Halla which is the tallest mountain in South Korea. My parents brought me and my brother for hiking every weekends when I was a child. I didn't want to go from time to time because I wanted more sleep. However now that I think of it, I only have good memories. So I think I will do the same to my son. Hopefully he understands when he gets older.


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